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The Fall of ValorThe First Significant Work Of American Literature To Confront The Subjefct Of Homosexuality, This Extraordinary Novel Is As Relevant Today As It Was Forty Years Ago, When It First Shocked World War II America The Fall Of Valor Is An Unflinching Portrayal Of A Marriage That Has Faded To A Mere Duty When John And Ethel Grandin Vacation On Nantucket, They Befriend A Young Marine Captain The Holiday, Which Had Been Intended To Restore The Couple S Marriage, Blasts It Wider Apart Than Ever, When John Grandin Finds Himself Hopelessly In Love With The Handsome Marine.This Moving Work Of Emotions In Passage Was Ahead Of Its Time In 1946 Now The Fall Of Valor Will Speak To A New Generation, One Living In A World Of Innocence Lost, Yet Not Completely Free From The Taboos Of The Past.

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!!> EPUB ❁ The Fall of Valor ✼ Author Charles Jackson – 9tvuk.us
  • Paperback
  • 310 pages
  • The Fall of Valor
  • Charles Jackson
  • English
  • 07 May 2017
  • 9780877958345

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    Set and written during World War II, Charles Jackson s The Fall of Valor is a masterful work that depicts marital crisis and simmering sexuality at a time when most of us might assume Americans would rather recoil from such frankness But as Jackson highlights, the second war, in some ways, brought sexuality to the American forefront for perhaps the first time John and Ethel Grandin, together ten years, hope a trip to the seashore might rekindle their troubled marriage But after meeting young honeymooners on the boat to Martha s Vineyard, John becomes obsessed with the groom, the handsome and burly Marine captain Cliff Hauman.The middle aged John, though handsome in his own right, seeks to absorb the Marine s glow, as does everyone else at the seaside resort everyone but the feminine, demure Ethel, who finds Cliff s overt masculinity vulgar and even threatening With the countless photographs and news reels of strong and often semi nude soldiers displayed across America, sexuality of the American male became an emblem celebrated by many rather than shied from For the first time since perhaps ancient Greece, the beauty of males rose loftier than that of females No one becomes aware of this than John, as he battles his mounting desires for Cliff, whose sexual ambiguity is a symbol for the modern da...

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    Now available.Charles Jackson s first novel, The Lost Weekend 1944 , a harrowing story about alcoholism, was a bestseller and became an Oscar winning film But his next novel, THE FALL OF VALOR 1946 , was even daring, the story of an ordinary husband and wife whose marriage may be destroyed when the husband falls in love with a hand...

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    This was upsetting I know some of you think it s dated, but it s not to me.

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    An infuriating read Though it has a history now as a milestone in gay literature, I read it in the context of reading Charles Jackson s second novel On a purely sociological note, I don t find the novel all that extreme, or as the back of the pulp edition I read says, a theme even shocking The Beat writers seemed to be doing this stuff late 1940s with way less of the mustiness and lack of humor that Jackson brings to the subject of sexuality.Aside from sociological concerns, the truly infuriating part of the novel lies in its actual prose The first person stream of consciousness style used so well in The Lost Weekend is not to be found Instead, we get an awkward limited Third Person Narration where Jackson switches between the thoughts of John Grandin and his wife, Ethel Occasionally the he slips from the tightrope of this style and we get intrusions such as this at the end of Chapter XI in the Middle section These and other fantasies, aimless now, were to be given direction, if not purpose, when the Haumans moved into Dune House the next afternoon Who is speaking here If we are to believe that the pace of the book is dictated by the thoughts of Grandin and his wife, then this intrusion clearly shows that it is planned entirely and spoils the little suspense already built up.To his credit, Jackson s writing is fairly sound throughout, never slipping into cliche and, occasionally, even providing some kind of psychological insight that feels relatable ...

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    I had never read Charles Jackson and only decided to read this book as an early example of LGBT literature My first impression was one of quaint nostalgia for such an old fashioned style of a novel Jackson gives us a marriage that in the course of regular marital discord has to come to terms with the husband s budding bisexuality Despite this seemingly simple premise, Jackson is able to develop both characters so beautifully that the reader cannot help but empathize with both of them and their view of the new development Likewise, Jackson s treatment of the husband s gradual realization of his feelings towards another man gives us a beautiful insight into the confusing and conflict ridden moment in w...

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    Jackson 1946 novel about love and sexuality reflects the era in which it was set and written in a way that as insightful as it is painful The contrasting and conflicting perceptions about their relatio...

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    I enjoyed this book very much even though at times I was infuriated with his wife Ethel s behavior and Cliff s constant sexual teasing I truly felt for the main character, John in so many way The constant living in agony, torment and the endless energy it had to take to suppress, who he truly was bu...

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    In terms of writing, not bad This is, however, that makes me mad Not because it sends a sad message about being gay it does No, it s important to understand how people have felt about us not all that long ago The anger comes from the reality that closeted people read these book books and learned tha...

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    If this book didn t have the obligatory mid century gay fiction s conclusion, I d give it a higher rating Mind you, the conclusion reads as entirely believable, but I didn t like it any because of that Unlike some other reviewers, I found the characters extremely well conceived and credible not just the Grandins, but also and especially Cliff The atmosphere on Nantucket is conjured up very effectively I felt transported And the ending...

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    4 5 SterneIch weiss nicht so ganz, was ich dazu sagen soll Das Layout, beziehungsweise die Formatierung war so gar nicht mein Fall Riesige Blockabschnitte und wenn du ein Mal verrutscht bist, musstest du die Seite von neuem lesen F r meinen Geschmack ist der Schreibstil etwas langatmig, aber, um Jackson zu verteidigen, ich bin YA gew hnt ber den Plot kann ich nicht viel sagen Ich hab es gestern fertig gelesen und bin immer noch ziemlich baff Vielleicht kann ...

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