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Something WonderfulBestselling Author Judith McNaught Masterfully Portrays A Remarkable Heroine, And An Unforgettable Passion, In This Powerfully Moving Love Story One Of Her Most Beloved Novels Of All Time The Tempestuous Marriage Of Alexandra Lawrence, An Innocent Country Girl, And Jordan Townsende, The Rich And Powerful Duke Of Hawthorne, Is About To Face Its Ultimate Test Of Tender Loyalty Swept Into The Endlessly Fascinating World Of London Society, Free Spirited Alexandra Becomes Ensnared In A Tangled Web Of Jealousy And Revenge, Stormy Pride And Overwhelming Passion But Behind Her Husband S Cold, Arrogant Mask, There Lives A Tender, Vital, Sensual Manthe Man Alexandra Married Now, She Will Fight For His Very Lifeand The Rapturous Bond They Alone Can Share.

McNaught is a 1 New York Times Best Selling Author, with than forty million copies of her novels in print, in over eighty countries and than thirty languages She was also the first female executive producer at a CBS radio station McNaught is credited with inventing the modern Regency Historical romance subgenre.

[PDF / Epub] ☉ Something Wonderful ❤ Judith McNaught – 9tvuk.us
  • Paperback
  • 418 pages
  • Something Wonderful
  • Judith McNaught
  • English
  • 21 October 2017
  • 9780671737634

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    Re read for me I.LOVED.IT Every single bit of it OMG, seriously, this books is P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N That ending and Epilogue ORIGINAL REVIEW BELOW I m glad, she said softly I wouldn t want you to be hurt I don t want to say too much about this one as you are better off just reading it blind.I loved it A lie is an affront to the soul, as well as an insult to the intelligence of the person to whom one lies A lot of my friends do not read Historicals Their loss is all I can say.Girls, there are sexy scenes in Historicals too What are you looking at Jordan demanded finally, watching her A dragon When he looked bewildered she lifted her arm and pointed to the sky in the southeast Right there that cloud what do you see when you look at it A fat cloud Alexandra rolled her eyes at him What else do you see He was quiet for a moment studying the sky Five fat clouds and three thin ones There is mistrust, misunderstanding, dickhead hero, friendships, falling outs It is my custom to have sherry in the drawing room at eight thirty and supper at nine In future, please join me here promptly at eight thirty, Alexandra Fire ignited in Alexandra s eyes, but she managed to keep her voice level You ve already told me where I may sleep, where I may go, who must accompany me, and when I must eat Would yo...

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    A million Wonderful Stars Buddy Re read with Awesome Karez If I had to pick one author in the romance genre, who is my all time favorite, it would be Judith McNaught I love her writing style I love her characters I love her dramatic, old school plots She is the one who got me hooked on romance and as we all know, we can never forget our first love Her books are extremely special to me.This is my thirdor maybe fourth time reading this and I still loved the heck out of it Usually, I refrain from casting heroes in my review Mostly, because I suck at it and also, because all those fantastic heroes appear so much appealing in my head than in real life But for this book, I HAVE TO.So here it is people, My Jordan Townsende, Duke of HawthorneIsn t he wonderful Anyway, So far I have been appalled by the books I have read in the past year and the high ratings I gave them How can I be so stupid as to like some of them Our taste changes and evolves but some things remain the same over the years, at least for me For me to love and adore a story, I need..Flawless writing that never gets old.Ama...

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    When I read Judith McNaught I feel like I m transferred to some other dimension So you have this huge 500 pages long book with pitiful title and a truly awful cover and yet I very much think about when it s the right time to start reading it, because her books consummate my time completely I sincerely cannot think about anything else It s drastic and extreme and I tell myself that during my weekends when I have enough time to go for a walk or for a swim because the sea is still very warm or to start playing tennis for fuck s sake, cause just behind my building are tennis courts, I need to do something proactive and physical I end up carrying this book to toilet, hating myself that I can t stop myself from reading it slower It s mind numbing and I feel very stiffened and my muscles are atrophying And then I think how come she is not popular, because she is brilliant And I m hooked It s the same as with Pat Conroy I ve been delaying reading his The prince of tides for years Every time I see it in the library I say next month, or next year, and I know that when I get my hands on that book, I won t leave my flat for days because Conroy s geniusness makes my skin ache I have a friend who said the same thing about Conroy, who as well had been studying in Citadel just like Conroy and he s v...

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    What is it you think is going to happen Alexandra shivered deliciously Something wonderful There is always something about historical romance that can get me out of a book slump There s just something about them that pulls on my heart strings with their one of a kind love stories And Something Wonderful didn t disappoint When seventeen year old Alex, daughter of a lord and a commoner, saves Jordan, the Duke of Hawthorne from some highwaymen, well that s when something wonderful begins It isn t all flowers and rainbows that s what I love about Judith McNaught s novels It s a rollercoaster of emotions Jordan is a rake, manwhore, player call him what you want He does not deserve Alex She has life is wonderful goggles over her eyes is kind, selfless, so trusting, and so na ve She thinks of Jordan as a god, when he s nothing but a libertine I had a smile on my face the entire beginning of Something Wonderful After certain circumstances arise, Jordan and Alex are forced into a marriage Neither wants it But Alex makes it known that she will accept it And her young heart immediatel...

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    Ahhhhhh Loved this one This was definitely better than Once and Always I liked Alex better and Jordan was definitely romantic than Jason As per usual, Alexandra is the typical McNaught special snowflake heroine I m not complaining though because I personally liked her cha...

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    5 STARS image error

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    When I finish reading a book, I usually know right away how I m going to rate it In this case, I didn t have a clue Did I love it Yes Did I hate it Also yes I tossed and turned in bed last night, trying to reach a conclusion, and I woke up this morning still undecided I m starting to write this review in hopes of gathering my thoughts and getting a clearer insight into how much I liked or disliked this book This can easily become a rambling rant with some spoilers somewhere along the way, so I apologize in advance if I step on anyone s toes.Jordan Townsende, the Duke of Hawthorne, is a cynical, cold and heartless rake who despises all women in general, thanks to the less than stellar examples given by his mother while he was growing up and by the countless paramours he s had since he reached adulthood He just doesn t trust women, period.Alexandra Lawrence is Jordan s opposite She s an innocent, optimistic and loving country girl who always tries to see the good in life, even in her most dire circumstances She s too na ve for her own good, but have no fear because ruthless Jordan will crush that in no time Jordan and Alexandra should have never met in normal circumstances, but hey, this is Romancelandia So they meet, he compromises her inadvertently, they re forced into a marriage of convenience and the stage is set for an emotional rollercoaster designed to turn me into a basket case Big and Small Misunderstandings, a Long Separation,...

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    Written Decembeer 10, 20144.6 Stars Old quality in the very best romantic HR style A sparkling sweet and gripping emotional fairy tale Something Wonderful is one of Judith McNaught s older, so beloved, grand historical romances This one, her first 1 New York Times bestseller, is from 1988 Loved and high raited by all my HR reading GR friends Regarded as one of the most beloved writers of all time in popular fiction, Judith McNaught is the author of thirteen novels with than 30 million copies in print I has slowly with a few chapters each day listening to this 16 hours audio CD edition from 1993 Very well narrated by Jill Ferris I read some parts as well and I just loved Something Wonderful from the first page to the last Another WOW romance England 1815Alexandra Lawrence, an innocent soon to be 18 years old country girl, finds her forced, after unfortunate mistake and an inn room, to marry the older and very powerful Duke Jordan Addison Matthew Townsende, the 12th Duke of Hawthorne, Marquess of Landsdowne, Earl of Marlow, Baron of Richfield a lot of names. , a great looking man, is a blase nobleman with a mistress who feels pity for this young still innocent childlike, but so cheerful, girl Reformed rakes often make the best husb...

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    AAAGGGGGHHH I just never learn Re reading these books has been like re reading The Catcher in the Rye they re just not the same after adolescence Hero mistakes ugly duckling for a boy with the requisite he was annoyed with himself for his strange attraction to the young male Had he become so jaded that he was turning to boys moment, because, as we all know, being a rake leads to pedophilia and has to marry her He gets knocked on the head and disappears, everyone thinks he s dead, etc Everyone falls in love with the heroin...

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