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Temptation (The tears of the unicorns #1) The Angel Caylen Is Entrusted With Guiding Eliya Back On The Path Of Light, But When His Assignment Is Terminated She Takes Her Life In Despair He Cannot Bear Losing His Charge, And Desperately Searches For A Way To Bring Her Back To Life That Is When He Stumbles Upon The Holy Grail, Which Seems To Show Its Amazing Powers In Combination With Unicorn Blood Because Of Her Gift For Foreseeing The Future, Miriel, The Sister Of Caylen, Is Sent To Bring Back The Grail Which Has Been Stolen By Him Sirion, A Mage, Is Helping Her With Her Task An Adventurous And Dangerous Journey Begins, Because There Is Much At Stake Than At First Seemed

ENGLISH Stephanie Rose was born in May 1987 in Heilbronn, Germany and raised in the small quiet town Gundelsheim She inherited the artistic skills of her father, a master goldsmith and artist of expressionistic arts Endowed with a lively imagination and always fascinated by myths and fantasy stories, she began to write her first poems and short stories during her school days.The first ideas f

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    Stephanie Rose is a personal friend, so while my review may be biased because of this fact alone, put in it all my honesty.This is a trilogy, so technically, I only read through 1 3 of the full story book 1 and it ends leaving many questions, which I guess I will get the answers on the next books.The story opens with Elyia, a teenager who has a rough time with family, friends lack of and at school Those problems Elyia face in her life are problems of real people, and I could relate to her, I had a lot of empathy for her character I think in fact the parts where we have Elyia were very sad and I felt pity for her However, all that sadness opens up a door to a new world.Someone new appears in her life, a guy, but not just any He is special, a celestial being Caylen and Elyia develop a nice friendship and he truly cares for her More than he should However, when his mission with her ends, he is called back to his realm.When Caylen is back home in a heavenly place, we get to know other characters, such as his sister Miriel From there on, the...

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    The descriptions are profound and detailed put in words The emotions described in this book are appreciable and comprehensible.The life of Eliya and ultimately her fate are very well described It is really profound and charged with emotions, I felt sad when she felt sad, I was happy when she was You almost believe to see yourself in her role even though you have nothing in common with that character.The author masters to fascinate the reader so that you cannot do other than somewhat bond with the character and feel for her and her fate It is not just that you put yourself in her position you live it as if you are the character yourself.The despair of Caylen when he loses his charge is deeply moving and reaches the heart of the reader It also makes his feelings of hatred, which eventually manifest in his wish to destroy the world, understanding and comprehensible.The author managed to create something special with this story and I can t wait to get the second...

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    Unfortunately, I didn t like The Tears of the Unicorns It was okay but I was quite confused through a lot of the book This disappointed me as I was very interested in the story before I read it I felt that it was quite an original story compared to everything I ve read anyway.There were so many different narrators particularly after Eliya s death that I felt that I didn t really get to know any of the characters The narrator would also change quite regularly with multiple narrators per chapter This really confused me This confusion led me to become a bit bored reading in places and I struggled to continue reading The book may have been easier to read if each narrator was a separate chapter with the narrator stated at the beginning of the chapters if that makes sense I m kind of thinking along the lines of the chapters in the Song of Ice and Fire se...

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