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Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled CityThe Powerful New Novel From World Fantasy Award Winner K J Parker And The Start Of A Sweeping New Epic Fantasy Series.A Siege Is Approaching, And The City Has Little Time Left To Prepare The People Have No Food And No Weapons, And The Enemy Has Sworn To Slaughter Them All.Their Only Chance Rests With A Colonel Of Engineers A Despised Outsider, A Genius, A Master Of Military And Political Strategy With The Wrong Color Skin He Is The City S Only Hope.But Nobody, Rich Or Poor, Wants To Take Orders From A Jumped Up Milkface Saving The City From Itself Might Be Difficult Than Surviving The Coming Siege.

Tom Holt According to the biographical notes in some of Parker s books, Parker has previously worked in law, journalism, and numismatics, and now writes and makes things out of wood and metal It is also claimed that Parker is married to a solicitor and now lives in southern England According to an autobiographical note, Parker was raised in rural Vermont, a lifestyle which influenced Parker s work.

[KINDLE] ❃ Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City ❆ K.J. Parker – 9tvuk.us
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City
  • K.J. Parker
  • English
  • 22 November 2018
  • 9780356506739

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    This was so much fun I could tell that K.J Parker had a real laugh when writing it Orhan is a great character, and although he is hilariously out if his depth his keen mind allows him to pull through a rather tricky situation, though not without several awkward blunders Orhan is an engineer, not a military man, and he finds himself leading the defence of a city he doesn t really care about He s got no real experience giving battlefield orders he s used to organising men to build bridges and walls not commanding them to defend a city And he knows about his own short comings, but he steps into command because there s nobody else to do it He doesn t want to be in charge, he simply has to or the city will fall and everybody in it will be put the sword He is forced to act the role of general in an Empire he hates So, it makes for a somewhat unusual situation which only gets complicated when he learns exactly who is leading the invading army I shall give no spoilers, but it certainly makes the siege difficult, a siege that would hav...

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    Parker is back at it What an absolute pleasure All the things you love about his writing and then some Unreliable narrator, deeply flawed yet genius protagonist, dry intelligent humour, immersive setting and characters I mean this is a top shelf read Highest possible recommendation 5 This is a stand alone novel too so no pressure to commit to the series But if you tried this you will be after The Two of Swords, and Savages, and Sharps, and The Folding Knife it is addictive You have been warned Special shout out to those who enjoyed Sarantine Mosaic by Gavriel Kay Try this book now I reckon they pair wonderfully PS Orbit, why do you release Parker in these cheap print paperbacks only Massive dissonance between the quality of writing and the quality of print it comes on This my only complaint KJ Parker is fantastic An auto add and auto purchase decision for me.In the meantime, enjoying greatly my hardback cop...

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    First person narration, funny, irreverent, lots of twists being a huge fan of the author and reading pretty much all his books, I saw some ahead of time as those occur frequently throughout his work, but it still managed to surprise me quite often While the ending has a conclusion so to speak, I really hope this is the start of a new series as advertised There is an epilogue that sort of connects it with other works at least as some naming like met d Oc, or events like Perimadeia s destruction, and the siege of Mezentia etc go, though all those are in the far future of the events here which are set in the author s faux Byzantine setting, though this time the empire s dominant race is named as the Robur otherwise the City has the usual Byzantine stuff including the blue and green factions though here they fight in the arena Roman style in addition to chariot racing , the bureaucracy, Senate, emperor etcThe main hero, colonel Orhan, chief of engineers is the only barbarian that has some moderately high rank he is even a member of the security council of the empire in this quality but he is rarely invited to the meetings of course the usual name for most barbarians is milkface , though the term is illegal under Robur law as is blueskin , the derogatory term the subjugated people of the Empire use for the Robur, thoug...

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    as a wise man once said, the difference between luck and a wheelbarrow is, luck doesn t work if you push it And just like that, I m in.Less fantasy than parable, K.J Parker s clever little book is set in an alternate version of the Holy Roman Empire which, frankly, is a fine milieu for the story of a siege Told entirely in the first person by a nefarious engineer named Orhan, we are treated to a detailed defensive campaign against a bold and mysterious enemy possessed of overwhelming forces and the finest weaponry in the land This is a fight that cannot be won, yet we proceed, assault by assault, through the misery of holding out for a miracleor a crafty bit of strategic genius our crusty old goat hopes to develop on the fly.The character work here is marvelous the voice deceptively ambivalent, the action equipped with a keen understanding of tactics, the narrative rife with pockets of wisdom that delight and surprise So I went to the Old Flower Market If you ve never been to the City, take note you can t buy flowers in the Old Flower Market Like so many City neighborhoods, it defines itself in terms of what was done there a long time ago but isn t any For the avoidance of doubt, flowers are about the only thing you can t buy there Life and death, yes, no problem A simple bunch of roses, noIt was a gamble, or do I mean an augury I t...

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    Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City is quite a different book and I absolutely loved it In some ways it is like a practical application of Sun Tzu s The Art of War because the telling of the story relies on strategy, forethought, knowing one s enemy and intelligent application of the techniques of battle rather than anything decidedly heroic or magical Orhan can do with a mile of rope, a bucket of nails and some support beams stolen from an old church than most men can do with a whole army He knows this and also knows his story lacks the glorious elements of most heroic adventures so he s telling it himself and no doubt spicing it up a little for us the readers He is a fantastic character with a bone dry sense of humour, a heart and soul that force him to make hard decisions however unpleasant, the nuance and humility to deal with people of different classes and talk about being perfect for the job I love a reluctant hero as much as the next person but there is also something incredibly satisfying as seeing the exact man for the job get the actual job, especially when the circumstances dictate anyone who may try and take over his job because of wealth, position etc is not around to do so I m an...

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    According to the books there s an extensive literature on the subject there are fifteen ways to defend a walled city You can try one of them and, if that doesn t workWhat the books don t tell you is, there s a sixteenth way You can use it when you ve got nothing no stuff, no men, and nobody to lead them Apart from that it s got nothing to recommend it whatsoever I ve discovered KJ Parker late in my life, through his brilliant novellas I became a believer Brilliant minds impress me and Parker s books shine with wit, humor, and clever ideas He doesn t delve into magic Instead, he focuses on politics, finances, and logistics of war Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City narrated by Orhan, an engineer turned emperor, tells the story of the Great Siege The Walled City has poor perspectives, what with thousands of enemies around it, plus lack of food and water But little things like that won t stop a Colonel of Engineers Orhan colorizes the events and his role in them, but I couldn t help but root for him I have a soft spot for cynics, especially when they discover they can still act for a higher good no matter how stupid and ...

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    Balls Balls, balls, balls.To say I m annoyed at that ending would be a towering understatement It simply ruined what had gone before, and what had gone before was quite wonderful I was pressed to give it five stars, I had enjoyed it that much.In summation balls.

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    This is a unique and unexpected book that I had a really fun time reading Find this review at Forever Lost in Literature Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City is an unexpected book that felt really unparalleled in style to anything I ve read recently I could already tell from the synopsis that this was going to be different from other stories, but I really wasn t sure what to expect from it The end result was an amusing and creative story with an incredibly snarky and dry witted protagonist that explores a variety of themes and topics in a really unique way.The premise of Sixteen Ways itself is fairly simple Orhan is stuck in a city that is essentially under siege He ends up assuming responsibility as general of an Empire that he doesn t want to be in and must figure out how to save the city There is an immense amount of clever, conniving plotting to get things done in the city, as well as a lot of brute force in how things get done the way Orhan wants His career is as an engineer, so to see him being charged with figuring out how to lead a city and how to get people in a tightly political society with a plethora of unspoken rules to do what he wants is a really entertaining experience Orhan is the sort of character that you don t necessarily want to like because he s not always the greatest person, but you also can t help but like a...

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    I swear, there s nothing in this world as satisfying as the sound of a beautifully made machine working perfectly.This.I want of this.When s the last time you read a book that uses an engineering corps as its main point of focus Orhan, colonel of the Corps of Engineers, has to defend the city from an approaching army With limited supplies, few soldiers and opposing factions within the city, Orhan wheedles, connives, lies, devises, and invents to try and hold o...

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    This was such a fun read Orhan is a funny, irreverent and utterly engaging character to follow along with as he attempts to save a city he couldn t care less about mainly because he fancies a bit of glory but also because there is nobody else..An admitted liar, thrown into a situation where his wits are his main we...

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