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Upright Women WantedIn Upright Women Wanted, Award Winning Author Sarah Gailey Reinvents The Pulp Western With An Explicitly Antifascist, Near Future Story Of Queer IdentityThat Girl S Got Wrong Notions Than A Barn Owl S Got Mean Looks Esther Is A Stowaway She S Hidden Herself Away In The Librarian S Book Wagon In An Attempt To Escape The Marriage Her Father Has Arranged For Her A Marriage To The Man Who Was Previously Engaged To Her Best Friend Her Best Friend Who She Was In Love With Her Best Friend Who Was Just Executed For Possession Of Resistance PropagandaThe Future American Southwest Is Full Of Bandits, Fascists, And Queer Librarian Spies On Horseback Trying To Do The Right Thing

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Upright Women Wanted book, this is one of the most wanted Sarah Gailey author readers around the world.

!!> PDF / Epub ☆ Upright Women Wanted ✪ Author Sarah Gailey – 9tvuk.us
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • Upright Women Wanted
  • Sarah Gailey
  • English
  • 21 July 2018
  • 9781250213587

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    Must I read the synopsis Is it not enough to hear queer librarian spies on horseback and immediately click add to cart

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    The future American Southwest is full of bandits, fascists, and queer librarian spies on horseback trying to do the right thing OH WOW CATCH ME CRYING FRIENDS

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    be gay, do crimes, circulate books is tor pandering to me

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    What Sarah Gailey s upcoming novella lacks in hippos, it makes up for with queer librarian spies on horseback Tor s blurb for this

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    3.5 stars This is a high concept SF that mostly delivers on its premise and is, even importantly, fun Picture it ye dystopia future in The West We ve got a plucky band of Librarians who are ostensibly a part of the State s institutional arm meant to reinforce a regressive social order, but we quickly learn along with our point of view character that this band is than it seems I loved the thematic content of this, and much prefer this version of those themes over its predecessor, The Handmaid s Tale However, I think the brevity of the book kept it from being fully fleshed out so it wasn t 100% successful for me That said, than anything, this is a fun version of SF Western and I really enjoyed the romance that budded over the course of the story Would read in this world for sure

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    This was a popular ARC in my office at the library, for obvious reasons I really wanted to love the book queer subversive librarians but it just didn t click for me I think it s mainly that I, a humble ace, could not understand how the protagonist could go from mourning her best friend lover who was JUST executed to eyeballing the hot enby trainee librarian in the space of a single day Perhaps this seems perfectly normal to allosexuals and wouldn t bother other readers at all, but to me it was gross as hell, and I couldn t get back into the protagonist s POV Your girlfriend JUST DIED, what do you care if a stranger is cute That aside, the worldbuilding is fun, and probably even so to people who like Wild West stories I think the story left off in the right place for a novella it leaves the protagonist s future journey wide open.

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    Explicitly antifa, queer librarians here Tor.com goes again, publishing things that are directly my brand

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Beth MowbrayTor.com Publishing has developed quite a name for themselves when it comes to incredibly well written, weird, and original science fiction and fantasy reads And Sarah Gailey s upcoming novella, Upright Women Wanted, is no exception Playing off the classic western genre, Gailey kicks up dust, sweeping the reader away to a world they won t soon want to leave A future, near dystopian, world where the State controls everything from available supplies to what you may read, listen to, or watch As the daughter of a high ranking government official, Esther is naive to the ways of the world outside of the carefully sanctioned information she has been fed by the State After Esther s best friend and love is hung for being caught with Unapproved Materials read materials supporting the resistance , she hides in the back of a wagon and runs away Away from both her precarious situation but also from her fears of who she really is a woman who loved another woman, a woman who has something bad inside of her because she doesn t fit the parameters allowed by the State.Esther soon learns that she has jumped into than she bargained for This wagon isn t just any wagon it belongs to the Librarians, whose job it is to deliver Approved Materials across the country But these Librarians are not what Esther, or the State, believes them to be As she comes to know Librarians Bet and Leda, as well as their apprentice Cye, Esther is confronted with truths she did not know could exist in her world Bet and Leda show Esther the beauty of queer relationships, while Cye is proudly non binary something Esther has only read about in books As the group travels across the West, Esther faces an internal conflict between what she has always defined as good and bad She struggles to accept who she is, yet slowly begins to actually like and embrace that person.Gailey carefully selects their words for maximum impact, and in doing so creates a world where the reader wants to join the revolution, become part of the resistance Even the title is carefully crafted with polymorphus meaning from the point of view of the State, a morally upright woman is one who follows the rules, plays their assigned role, and certainly does not question From the point of view of the Librarians, however, an upright woman is one who goes against the grain, fighting for the right to be equal to others in all ways.Full of just as much heart and grit as flashy horseback riding and wiley gunfights, Upright Women Wanted blends the feel of a western with a very modern commentary on learning to embrace one s identity and find one s people Gailey s characters depict strength in its many forms, both visible and concealed And the greatest lesson, perhaps, is learning how to stop fighting against who you are and to begin to start fighting FOR it.This novella is one you won t want to put down and it will leave you longing for

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    Esther is a stowaway a stowaway who got caught After trying to convince the Librarians those upright, morally virtuous distributors of Appropriate Materials that she belongs and needs to join them, Esther begins to realize that the Librarians aren t as just as they pretend to be They re part of the resistance, and out to deliver a package to safety from the authoritarian patriarchy ruling over the country.I was intrigued and entranced by this Western inspired dystopian, which took the idealized American Southwest and transformed it into a further dystopian hell designed to keep women contained and men in power.Esther was the product of the environment she lived in, the good girl who had a heavy bit of bad in her that lasted up until her secret girlfriend, Beatriz, was hanged for being caught with corrupting materials in her possession Scared of her own future if her badness was discovered, Esther runs away to join the Librarians, hoping they will cure her and realizing that there is nothing wrong with her beyond her own brainwashing into a homophobic culture.I loved Esther s literal fish out of water story, as she learns to live outside of the protective but constraining confines of society, and thrive in a world of horses, desert and danger Where things aren t black and white, but rather shades of gray, and people can be they in the desert and she in the town, and have a relationship under the open sun but pretend to be nothing than business partners amongst people.Upright woman distributing lawful materials in town, and rebels smuggling illicit packages and materials out in the open.While it took me a minute to fall into the world itself and get aligned to Gailey s writing style, I loved the rep there is trans rep, nonbinary rep, people of color and so many sapphic folks that my heart was bursting with joy.Cye was awesome, a big hearted, gruff softy who grumpily helped Esther along even though she was a liability who would probably kill everyone.And Amity Not going to reveal anything else on her because spoilers, but damn That woman is going to change the world.Anywho, if you re looking a queer dystopian twist on the Western cowboy, this is the book for you.I received this ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.

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    I think it was a few months ago that I first saw the cover for this book, which while it looked interesting with an equally intriguing title it was the blurb talking about queer librarian spies on horseback in future American Southwest that sealed the deal that I had to read this one I never expected to get the ARC but I did request on a whim, so imagine my surprise when I got approved for it And I just had the urge to read it immediately and it was so much fun It s kinda difficult to describe much about the book without giving a lot away because it s less than 200 pages It has a very Wild West feel to it, with lots of traveling on horseback in the deserts of Arizona but I actually haven t read any westerns, so I mostly got the vibe based on whatever movies I ve watched The world building is also kept very vague and we mostly get to know nothing about why this America seems to be divided, just that there seems to be a lot of dissemination of propaganda and conservatism on one side Nevertheless, the plot is extremely fast paced and it was an adventure ride that didn t let up for even a moment It was hella fun with a lot of banter and cheeky dialogue, a couple of great action sequences and lots of female bonding The characters are definitely the X factor in this book Esther is a little naive, who wants to become a librarian because she thinks she doesn t deserve a good life as she is queer and just wants to do some good things in life before gets her bad ending But she is extremely resourceful and observant and brave, and it was nice to see her discover through the course of the story that there are others like her and she is allowed to find happiness and purpose Bet and Leda are a badass power couple and though we get few interactions with them, they were awesome Cle is a great companion and right from the beginning, watching their developing dynamic with Esther was delightful and I thought the author captured the attraction between them very well Amity was a total mystery for the most part but she also gave Esther some much needed advice, so I really couldn t fault her slightly devious machinations To conclude, all I want to say is I had fun reading this book If you like reading adventurous westerns and some lovely queer representation, then this charming little novella is perfect for you It ll delight you and make you think and also fill you with hope, just like it s very hopeful ending or beginning , full of promise of adventures to come.

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